The Indian River

Industrial Eco-District

What Is The IRED?

The Indian River Eco District (IRED) is an energy and industrial real estate project in Vero Beach Florida, on a multi-industry site that was previously constructed and operated by major corporations from the fruit juice and the petrochemical industries.

Industrial Symbiosis; the Mission of the Indian River Eco District
Industrial symbiosis

Industrial symbiosis occurs when the waste or by-product of one industrial operator becomes a resource for another industrial operator.

Methodically Co-Located

By methodically co-locating companies from different industries together on one site, the waste resources of those companies can be used in industrial symbiosis.

Maximized Benefits

All the participating companies reduce their operating costs, while maximizing their outputs from collective resources and reducing (or eliminating) the collective waste products of all the company operations.

Our Infrastructure

Located on the east coast of Florida, the Indian River Eco-District is the premier option for industrial businesses looking for low-risk expansion options, reduced operating costs and convenient access to competitive raw materials & resources.

Indian River Eco-District’s Infrastructure Offers:
Renewable Electricity
SEE DETAILS 4MW of base-load renewable (landfill gas) power.
Spacious Land Options
SEE DETAILS IRIED boasts 150 acres
of available land.
Utilities (Gas & Water)
SEE DETAILS Industrial pipes carrying
natural gas and water already
connected & available for use.

Resources For Heat, Refrigeration & Drying 
SEE DETAILS Please contact us
for more information.
Liquid Storage Tanks
& Infrastructure
SEE DETAILS Please contact us
for more information.
Florida’s Fourth Largest Injection Well
SEE DETAILS Class I Industrial Wastewater Deep Injection Well
(800,000 gallons).

Additional Services

We understand that in many cases our members are looking for rapid deployment of operations, reliable assets and support processes that encourage superior returns. 

Indian River Eco-District’s Members Have Exclusive Access To:
Local Candidate
International Exposure
& Local Introductions 
On-Site Administration & 24/7 Security 
Marketing Platform & Network Opportunities 
IRED Aeriel #1
IRED Aeriel #2